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Her Navy Man
There’s only smooth sailing for Mia Winthrop in the commanding arms of her husband. Even his strict discipline for mutiny can’t stem the tides. Not when he works pain and pleasure like a wheel and rudder to master her heart. But in England that might not be enough to sustain her in the rough waters of British society and the sharks trolling there.

His Pirate Wife
Devin Winthrop returned home a hero because of his wife. But as the past rises up to swamp them, he must keep the pirate in her below board. What it takes to hold the helm as others take shots broadside at his wife, his marriage, and his career, may be more than any ship’s captain can endure. When the cannon goes silent and the smoke clears, only one ship can remain.

Sink or Swim
Mia and Devin will do all they can to not let the life they have sink. But as the waters darken and churn they must use everything they know about keeping the bow up, the ballasts level and the sails full, or they won’t only lose the battle, they’ll lose each other.

His Pirate Wife

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