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Dr A.J. Mae wants her own life, her own medical practice apart from her father's reputation. Applying for and obtaining a position in Willow Springs seems like the opportunity she needs.

Gage Émeute, known as Doc Riot to the people of Willow Springs, needs another doctor to help with the growing town's population. The doctor he selected will come with a solid background in all medical needs. When A.J. Mae turns out to be April Jamesia Mae, Gage and she are accused by a notorious judge of immoral behavior and April is threatened with prison, Gage will have to give up his bachelor life and marry her or lose the chance to bring a new doctor to town. But bargains and terms don’t always stand when love and passion operate on a body. Neither Gage nor A.J. expect to find something that means more than their careers as doctors. Now that they have, they’ll have to fight a long growing abscess threatening not only their love and safety but their home, and all of Willow Springs.

Spring Riot

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