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A home lost, Jane Ann 'Nox' Rutherford thought the completion of her task would see her headed home. And it did, just not her home. Now ashore on the coast of Scotland, she must fight to hold on to all she has left, her husband and her heart. But as the man she's known as Mason Stile reclaims his home, family and business and delivers his vengeance on those who tried to sink him, Nox isn't sure she'll win the battle.

A home found, Mason Stile has come home and taken back everything stolen from him in a great act of betrayal. As he resumes life as Broc MacCullum and takes focus on revitalizing the life once lost, he feels the woman he gained in a game of chance drifting farther from him, and every attempt to negotiate a peace in the fight is failing.

Can Jane and Broc find common ground, or will only the vast ocean as distance between them allow their wounded hearts to heal? Ruin has come to both of them in its own way; can their love find redemption for them?

EBOOK of Pirate's Redemption


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